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Informatica Perspectives : MDM Integration in the Cloud

Over at the Informatica Perspectives Blog, I have commented on cloud based Master Data Management. This is a somewhat new area for cloud based integration. Driven by Salesforce CRM adoption, more companies are realizing that mission critical customer data resides in the cloud. So in some cases it may make sense to move this master… read the rest >>

Cloud Connect : Integration Webinar

This IDN Event looks like it will be fairly interesting with a good selection of speakers.  Rick Nucci, Dell Boomi, usually has some interesting things to say about integration technology and the business of integration. And it will be good to see the differences between Social networking APIs and enterprise APIs. I think these are… read the rest >>

SearchManufacturingERP Article on Ground to Cloud Integration

Over at SearchERP, David Essex has posted an article detailing some of the challenges with integrating on premise ERP applications with CRM systems. Bob Parker highlights the fact that if a transaction has a cash component, it needs to feed into the core accounting system. And in order  for those transactions to be completed from… read the rest >>

A Little Clean Up Work from 2011 – Pervasive and NetSuite Case Study

Last year I worked on a case study with Pervasive Software and NetSuite. This was an interesting case involving some key integration best practices. You can find the white paper here. It is located in the NetSuite section. Enjoy and please comment.

Wrapping Up Hubspan ERP Blog Series Post

Check out my latest blog series here – I wrap up the series on integration issues to tackle during an ERP migration project. In this post I highlight some of the costs associated with cloud based integration. These are costs that need to be included within the overall ERP project estimates. Dreamforce 11 Post Conference Review

Last week held their huge Dreamforce event at the Moscone center in San Francisco. 40000+ people attended. Way too much to digest for one person! I was able to hit a few integration related sessions and also visit integration vendors on the floor. Here’s a quick review of integration technology at Dreamforce: Dell Boomi… read the rest >>

Thinking About B2B Requirements in ERP Migration

I continued my thought on integration requirements during ERP migrations at the Hubspan web site, “New B2B Connectivity Requirements“. Check out the details there related to direct customer/supplier connectivity, B2B Marketplaces, and EDI Hubs.

Make Sure to Update Your Integration Technology During an ERP Migration

In my latest post over at Hubspan, “Adopting Leading Edge Integration During Your ERP Migration“,  I discuss the importance of upgrading the integration technology during an ERP migration. Integration should not be looked at as an after thought during ERP implementation. You can end up with a shiny new ERP vehicle, but not have any… read the rest >>

Untamed Business Processes

When a business process has many manual steps and has a lot of paper documents traveling between participants, then it is usually “untamed”! This is usually the result of a poor integration plan or strategy. Or it may be that integration tools are not being fully leveraged. Mercury was quoted in an article on this… read the rest >>

Hubspan Blog Series on ERP Migration

I’ve posted a new series over on the Hubspan guest bloggers site. This series will cover integration issues that occur when migrating from desktop ERP or small accounting packages to more comprehensive cloud based ERP solutions. Please comment!

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